About Us

Creativity, Excellence, Confidence, Perseverance, Selflessness and Heart full to Service……
defines us We say “come and try our services”

Mission Statement

3Ds India, a 3D excellence initiative of Virgin Thoughts is formed with a group of individuals coming together for the objective to contribute excellence in the field of 3D Modeling , Rendering and Animation thereby empower businesses position and reach themselves in the minds of the society.

Core Values

We are focused on core values to create a work place where designers, developers, and creators can feel a sense of joy & peace in innovations and of rendering excellent services that will help to create great values for our clients. Our Mission will be to serve the Clients, Organisation & Society to the best of abilities and purpose.”

We place main emphasis on continuous improvement in the ability, skill and personal character so that each individual can show his best in performance. We invite clients to give us the opportunities to serve you in the best possible way and your trial will provide us the opportunity to grow and achieve our vision. With the best of wishes from friends, relatives and team members, we begin this journey to grow into one of the best organization in the 3D Space. Our Motto “Best services, affordable prices, value addition , great relationship and always learning for success in this endeavour.


  • 3D Modeling / Texturing / Lighting
  • 3D Photorealistic Architectural Rendering
  • 3D Walkthroughs
  • 3D Interior Design
  • 3D Architectural Visualization
  • 3D Floor Plan / Cutout Section
  • 3D Landscape Design


  • 3D Product Design
  • 3D Photorealistic Product Rendering
  • 3D Product Animation
  • 3D Interactive Demo

Our Process


This involves briefing meetings, research, development and brainstorm sessions. Our Studio maintain timely communication with you at this stage, producing a detailed schedule to make key milestones in the project clear. The supply of all architectural information is crucial prior to commencing this stage and defines the scope for production. We often end this stage with the presentation and sign-off of concepts, storyboards, animatic cameras or view mock-ups depending on the project type.


We often commence modeling production alongside the Pre-production stage, however, once pre-production stage is complete, it will help us prioritise further to ensure timely delivery, working within agreed budgets and schedules. You may hear us using words such as modeling, lighting, rendering, texturing, animating, motion graphics, animatic, drafts edits, test renders. We look to produce test renders to ensure the look and feel of what we’re creating is heading in the right direction. We require your approval of the test renders before we render out the final images or animation sequences. Design development often takes place at this stage if a project requires it and would be built in to the schedule from the start. Motion-graphics, voiceover recordings and sound design may also commence at this stage. The creative process of Production is collaborative, where your input and involvement throughout is important to the success of the final delivery.


Here is where everything starts to take shape. Often at this later stage you can see the vision realised through beautifully rendered images and sequences. We add the final touches of editing, composition, grading and sound design, to fully realise your vision.

The Process Step Wise

Files Required from you

Initially we require your detailed plans, elevations, site plan ect. in DWG / pdf format.

3D Model Creation from our side

we create 3D model and set up multiple viewpoints camera angles for you to choose. We email you camera angles/ viewpoints for selection from your side. Initial changes are done here if required this process is repeated until we get an approval.
Please note If there is Plan Modification or any major changes this would cost extra depending on the complexity.

Texturing / Lighting / Colours / Materials etc

after approval from the above step we move forward to this step and this includes texturing / Lighting / Colours / Materials etc and send you drafts until we get an approval. This step needs from your end colour and material selections for your project. Please note Three revisions on this process is done with the same price if there are more than three then it comes to additional cost.

Landscaping and Post Work

After above Three Steps approvals we work on the landscaping and post production. We send you 1280 x 720 for approval and changes are done as required 3 times and then we go for high resolution render image ( as per your requirement ) Generaly we provide 1920 x 1080
We dont accept any changes after final render is been produced. Any further changes would lead to additional cost.

If you have any questions or concerns please dont hesitate to ask.

Mobile: +91 98501 44 44 1. / Skype: mirchaa / Email: info@virginthoughts.com